Продам Thorens TD - 126mk lll + тонарм Micro Seiki MA-707

60 000 грн.
  • доставка из г. Харьков
  • 5 апреля 2023, номер: 8775
Состояние: Б/у 
Управление тонармом: Ручное 
Тип привода: Пассиковый 


Продам Thorens TD - 126mk lll + тонарм Micro Seiki MA-707 + кабель Oyaide PA - 2075
возможна продаже по отдельности , и установка звукоснимателя.
( головка на фото не продаётся )
The TD-126 by Thorens is the transcription turntable for discriminating music lovers and professional users.
It is the product of 95 years experience in the construction of musical instruments allied to the mastering of the most advanced technology in the fields of fine mechanics and electronics.
The main objectives of Thorens engineers remain unchanged: robustness, reliability and life-time maintenance of the original performance specification.
In the constant battle against rumble, Thorens designed a servo controlled electronic belt-drive to associate with their unique floating suspension system.
Thanks to this exclusive design, the TD-126 can claim rumble figures equalled by no other drive system.
The TD126 mkI, mkII and mkIV use AC synchronous motors, while the TD126 mkIII uses a DC servo motor.
Micro Seiki MA-707 Dynamic-Balance Gimbal Bearing Tonearm
The MA-707 tonearm features a removable headshell, adjustable effective mass, calibrated tracking force, spring tension anti-skate and vertical tracking angle adjuster.
Type: dynamic balance
Overall length: 315mm
Effective length: 237mm
Overhang: 15mm
Height range: 43-83mm
Cartridge weight range: 4-12g
Lateral motion sensitivity: 10mg
Vertical motion sensitivity: 15mg
Anti-skating device: spring tension type
Tonearm lifter: delayed action type
Headshell weight: 4g
Headshell connector: semi-integrated type with hard gold plating
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