Цифровой тюнер Luxman Luxkit Avance Z503

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Цифровой тюнер Luxman(Luxkit) Avance Z503
Тюнер в очень хорошем состоянии.
Отличный прием.
Одна не оригинальная ножка, предыдущим владельцем в мастерской был заменен аккумулятор на память.
A truly advanced stereo FM tuner, the Z-503 features programmable functions not found in conventional units. The built-in microprocessor can be programmed to switch on/off 2 programs every day at any two preset times and another program on a one-time basis. For unattended recording convenience, it can also turn on/off connected equipment at a preset time. The front-end quartz synthesizer assures superior stability and tuning accuracy. Tuning controls include 8 channel presets, memory-scanning with 5-second pause at each preset channel, auto-scanning, and manual up/down tuning. Clear FL digital display of both tuned-in frequency and accurate quartz clock time. For sound quality to match the Z-503's tuning accuracy and convenience, the Z-503's dual-gate MOS FET front-end completely eliminates intermodular distortion, and double-tuned connected twin-type varycap ensures superative image spurious ratio.

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